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Home Staging Check List

Staging a home
Home Staging Checklist to Make Your Home Sell Fast!

Ready, Set, Stage! Use this handy checklist to prepare your home for potential buyers.

1. Plan Ahead
–Walk through each room and critique the home from a buyer’s perspective.
–Consider getting a professional home inspection to see if any repairs are needed.
–Hire a contractor to handle any major projects.
–Hold a yard sale. Sell, donate, or trash anything you don’t need.

2. Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize.
–Thoroughly clean the entire home.
–Scrub tile in kitchen and bathrooms.
–Clean hardwood floors.
–Steam clean carpets and drapes. Consider replacing the carpet if stains are prominent.
–Get rid of dust bunnies.
–Repair cracks and holes in walls.
–Paint interior walls with neutral colors, like beige, cream or light pastels. Tip: pale blues and greens are good for bathrooms.
–Remove excess and oversized furniture.
–Rearrange furniture to maximize space.
–Organize room closets and store out-of-season clothes.
–Remove all small appliances, toys, magazines and pet items.
–Remove family photos, personal collections, and medications.
–Declutter the garage and store unnecessary items off-site.
–Secure valuable items, including cash and jewelry.

3. Show Off Your Home’s Best Features
–Remove rugs to show off hardwood floors.
–Pull back drapes to showcase nice views.
–Stage the front porch or deck with furniture and potted plants.
–Make sure fireplaces are in working condition.
–Clean backyard and pool area.

4. Pay Attention to Kitchens and Bathrooms
–Mop and wax/polish the floors.
–Clean all countertops.
–Replace outdated hardware.
–Clean appliances and fixtures.
–Clean and organize the pantry, cabinets, and drawers.
–Replace old caulking around sinks and bathtubs.
–Remove stains from sinks, toilets and bathtubs.
–Keep all toilet seat lids closed.
–Hang fresh towels.

5. Appeal to the Senses
–Bake cookies or burn scented candles.
–Offer light refreshments.
–Install higher-wattage incandescent light bulbs to brighten rooms.
–Turn on all the lights.
–Open windows to let in fresh air.
–Open curtains or blinds to let in natural light and show off views.
–Turn off the TV.
–Relocate pets on the day of the open house.
–Refrain from smoking in the home.

6. Maximize Curb Appeal
–Paint the home’s exterior, including trim, doors and shutters.
–Check the front door, doorbell, address number, and welcome mat.
–Power wash siding and windows.
–Inspect the roof and make repairs as needed.
–Repair cracks in driveway and sidewalks.
–Sweep entryway and walkways.
–Mow, water and fertilize the lawn.
–Trim shrubs and trees and rake the leaves.
–Plant colorful flowers and shrubs.
–Store toys or equipment lying in the yard.
–Clean gutters and downspouts.

Give us a call if you have any home-selling questions.
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