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Buying a home

Buying a home is one of the largest decisions you can make, and most buyers finance their new home with a mortgage. A mortgage allows you to borrow most of the purchase price of the home and pay it back monthly over an extended period of time (15-30 years). Choosing an experienced local lender can keep the mortgage process from becoming a stressful and confusing process, allowing you and your family to focus on starting your new lifestyle.

We have many lenders that we can recommend to you, so give us a call if you need a referral.


The first step to take in getting a mortgage is to choose an experienced local lender and get pre-approved. It’s always best to go with a local lender that knows the local lending rules and regulations. An online lender halfway across the country may not be aware of the rules and regulations in Washington State and in most cases, customer service is not very good.

A good lender will also insist that you are pre-approved, not just pre-qualified. A pre-qualification typically just means a lender has looked at your in-file credit report and asked for your income, this is usually done verbally or through pay stubs and is not verified. A pre-approval means that you have completed a full loan application and the lender has verified your credit, income, and debts, and is already aware of what the final approval conditions will be. This is especially important if you are self-employed or itemize your income tax and take a large number of deductions – that will affect your qualifying income.

Being pre-approved is the most accurate way of knowing how much you can qualify for. It also brings peace of mind to the seller when you make an offer, it lends credibility to your offer and tells the seller you are already backed by a lender, so they feel more confident in accepting an offer from a buyer who is pre-approved than one who is not.


Here are our recommended mortgage lenders:

Jeff Judy - Capstone Home Loans 

Mark Friedrich - Penrith Home Loans 

You can see the latest interest rates here


Give us a call if you have any questions.

Mike Kellogg - 425-367-2537 | Sheli Kellogg - 425-293-4568

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